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A growing number of food companies, organizations and regulatory bodies depend on IFPTI for training and assistance; and for good reason. Improving competencies, training approaches and strategies in food protection is what IFPTI does. Led by the best and brightest in the industry, the IFPTI team includes board members and senior leadership from government and industry, training system designers and adult learning experts.

IFPTI has carefully built a team to lead the way in articulating today’s most pressing issues and challenges in food protection, as well as participating in national and international organizations and food safety conferences the world over—presenting actionable solutions that work.


Get to know the IFPTI Team: taking charge of creating and implementing some of today’s most advanced competency-based food protection learning approaches.

  • Gerald Wojtala, Executive Director
  • Craig Kaml, EdD., Senior VP – Operations
  • Jennifer Wolz, Chief Financial Officer
  • Alexis Berry, Accounting Administrator
  • Chris Weiss, PhD, Director – Curriculum Framework
  • Colin Pickering, .Net Programmer
  • Connie Halvorsen, MA, Sr. Instructional Designer
  • David Heckert – eLearning Designer
  • David Read, Senior Regulatory Advisor
  • Jennifer Hardy-Tindle, Instructional Designer
  • Kirk Sundling, MA, Director – Training Development
  • Lauri Yarger, Director – Implementation
  • Lynne Hoehle, Learning Management Systems Administrative Analyst
  • Sue Brace, Project Manager – Curriculum Standard
  • Susan Friedlund-Flees –  Instructional Designer
  • Suzanne Kidder – Implementation Specialist
  • Wendy Guarino – Human Resources Manager


Team Members