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Illinois company recalls more than 30 tons of beef for E. coli 5.23.19

Aurora Packing Company Inc. is recalling more than 62,000 pounds of raw beef that may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, according to the USDA. This recall comes after a March 27 recall, in which the company pulled back more than 2 tons of beef, also because of an E. coli risk. For the second time... Continue Reading

CDC declares outbreak over; danger of infections from tuna continues 5.23.19

Public health officials continue to warn about food poisoning dangers in association with raw tuna served as sushi in the wake of a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections. “This outbreak appears to be over, but recalled frozen tuna may still be in freezers. People could get sick if restaurants and retailers who are unaware... Continue Reading

Listeria test results prompts recall of microgreens 5.23.19

Canadian officials are warning the public to avoid eating certain microgreens because they could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. In a recall notice posted May 22, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency reported that Pousses et Cie brand “Mix Spicy Microgreens” that were distributed in Quebec were flagged after government test results showed they could be... Continue Reading

Mixed picture for foodborne illnesses in Scotland 5.23.19

Shigella and norovirus increased but Listeria, Hepatitis A and E declined last year, according to gastrointestinal surveillance reports published by Health Protection Scotland (HPS). In 2018, there were 115 reports of Shigella infections in Scotland. The most common species identified was Shigella sonnei with 77 patients infected. This is an increase compared with the 38... Continue Reading

State test shows likely E. coli contamination in Aldi’s flour 5.23.19

Some all purpose baking flour packaged for Aldi grocery stores may be contaminated with E. coli and should be not be used, according to a warning today from Rhode Island officials. The advisory came after testing by a state laboratory found E. coli in a 5-pound bag of “Baker’s Corner All Purpose Flour,” according to... Continue Reading

FDA inspectors checking Del Monte facility linked to Salmonella cases 5.22.19

Federal officials today confirmed reports out of Wisconsin and Minnesota about Salmonella infections connected to fresh vegetable trays from Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc. Inspectors from the Food and Drug Administration are onsite at the Del Monte facility in Kankakee, IL, that produced the implicated trays of pre-cut vegetables and dip. Del Monte distributed the... Continue Reading

Cat TB cases linked to raw pet food; people also sick 5.22.19

Raw pet food has been linked to an outbreak of feline tuberculosis that has infected dozens of cats and two people in the United Kingdom. One hundred people and 90 felines have been referred for tests, researchers have told U.K. media. The issue was identified when six cats were taken to separate vets across England with clinical signs... Continue Reading

Center for Food Safety wins in case to force EPA to ban 12 neonicotinoids 5.22.19

Final notices of cancellation for the registration of 12 neonicotinoid pesticides have been published in the Federal Register by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The decision to pull the pesticides from the market was part of a legal settlement reached in December 2018 involving the Center for Food Safety and the EPA. The Center for... Continue Reading

Cheese firms stop legal action as raw milk cheese guidance revised 5.22.19

The second version of guidance on the production of cheese made from unpasteurized, raw milk published by Food Standards Scotland has been welcomed by a group that campaigned against the initial document. Five Scottish cheesemakers launched a Crowdjustice funding campaign in February, raising £15,000 for legal fees allowing preparation and submission of a judicial review.... Continue Reading

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