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Interactive National Curriculum Standard (INCS)

The INCS is the online home of the National Curriculum Standard, which defines the competencies needed by U.S. food and feed regulators in order to perform consistent and comparable work across the nation. The National Curriculum Standard is being developed under the leadership of IFPTI, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Partnership for Food Protection (PFP).

Interactive Framework

The INCS consists of two primary components: a Competency Framework, and a Curriculum Framework. Taken together, these Frameworks define the performance expectations of the food and feed regulatory profession in the U.S.

The INCS features a competency assessment tool, which can be used to conduct self-assessments, or assessments of others, to determine how individuals measure up against the National Curriculum Standard. Competency gaps identified through these assessments can then be addressed through various learning experiences (on-the-job training, courses, etc.).  The INCS also allows training developers to know which competencies need to be addressed in their training materials, and allows developers to submit their course(s) for inclusion on the site.