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Instructional Design

IFPTI’s Instructional Systems Design (ISD) team works with subject matter experts from all spheres to align course content with learning methods and modalities that produce results.

IFPTI’s ISD team outlines the specific course title, description, target audience, and desired result—deeply involved in everything from design and development to rigorous project reviews, walk-throughs and pilots to provide the best possible outcome.

No matter what food protection and safety training challenges our clients face, IFPTI is there with customizable systems, solutions and training content incorporating and adhering to 508 compliance standards, FOI Act, Privacy Act, and applicable copyright laws.


At IFPTI, delivering learning systems when and where needed, and scaling the systems to fit those needs, is key. We provide modalities through online courses, instructor-led classes or even blended approaches to meet almost any objective.

Using the Competency-Based Learning System as our guide, the Instructional Systems Design team focuses on the design and development of instructor-led and online learning materials.

We apply a systematic approach to implementing instructor-led courses through various pilot releases. This enables us to perfect the content and work with the instructors to deliver best-in-class training, with all elements of course instruction included:

  • Instructor Guides
  • Participant Manuals
  • Exercise Workbooks
  • Supporting Presentations
  • and Other Course Materials

Our eLearning courses focus on blending high-quality information with a delivery experience that caters to the learner’s location. We are able to deliver a final product that makes learning widely accessible, and in a time frame that our clients dictate.


Dedicated and qualified individuals are ready with robust support systems in place to help make IFPTI training registration a smooth process.

Whether needs call for online instruction or face-to-face classroom settings that require coordination of hotels, instructors, policies and more, IFPTI is there every step of the way to scale training systems that fit.