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Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) gives us the flexibility to create and deliver courses in ways that suit the needs of the food protection community while also offering record retention for participants, supervisors, and auditors. With this accessible technology we help support training and certification systems worldwide.


IFPTI currently houses close to 30,000 training records, with virtually unlimited capacity. Examples of agencies and alliances that use our LMS include:

  • Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance
  • Sprout Safety Alliance
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Wisconsin Department of Agriculture
  • Iowa Department of Agriculture


Our LMS is the key administrative infrastructure utilized by training alliances and training providers. With our online learning platform, we are able to issue certificates and allow participants to access these immediately upon completion. The system is used to award the official certificates for the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, The Sprout Alliance, FDA/ORAU, and more.

Customized Learning Management System

Our customized LMS is useful in administering staff training events and managing records. Agency directors may authorize the free 30-day access by sending an email to Please provide the name, title, email address, and phone number of the individual authorized to serve as your system administrator. IFPTI staff will then provide a webinar overview of the LMS’s features and benefits to get your agency started. A state agency can even include training events and training records management for local health departments.

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