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Training That Works

IFPTI leads the way in competency-based learning systems designed to optimize career growth and development at all levels within the food protection profession.

Through our unique expertise and understanding of essential roles and responsibilities involved in the protection of the food supply, we closely align learning styles and modes to match the actual jobs being performed in the field.

Our targeted approach links curriculum, competencies and job functions together—for long-term growth from which individuals, employers and the public benefit.


The Competency and Curriculum Frameworks together—known as the National Curriculum Standard—help food regulatory professionals plan their career and receive the necessary learning experiences as their jobs evolve, with access to training, courses, mentoring and more. Regulatory agencies can also use the National Curriculum Standard to create career improvement paths for their employees.

Some content areas of the framework, such as Communication Skills and Emergency Response, span all career levels for food protection professions—whether for entry, advanced, technical specialist or leadership levels.