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Curriculum Framework

A Curriculum Framework is a schematic illustration of a particular profession. IFPTI has developed Curriculum Frameworks for a variety of regulatory food protection audiences, including Animal Feed Control Officials, State Food and Feed Laboratory Professionals, regulators of manufactured food facilities, and regulators of retail food establishments. However, a Curriculum Framework can be created for any profession.

A Curriculum Framework demonstrates the relationship between, among, and progression through:

  • Professional Levels (which represent various stages of one’s career);
  • Content Areas (topics in which members of a given profession should attain competency, depending on their Professional Level);
  • Professional Tracks (broad areas of specialization within a profession);
  • Program Areas (narrower areas of specialization within a Professional Tracks); and
  • Spanning Content Areas (topics that apply to all Professional Levels within a given profession).

The figure below represents a high-level illustration of the elements of a Curriculum Framework, based on the Frameworks created by IFPTI for members of the U.S. regulatory food protection profession.

A Curriculum Framework provides multiple benefits. The Framework:

  • Helps create career improvement paths;
  •  Acts as an open-source cataloging system for learning experiences related to a particular profession;
  • Assures that members of a profession are trained consistently and systematically; and
  • Encourages greater collaboration among profession stakeholders.

More information about the Curriculum Framework developed by IFPTI can be seen on the Interactive National Curriculum Standard (INCS) page.