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Interactive National Curriculum Standard (INCS)

The National Curriculum Standard (NCS) was created with support from the FDA as one of the charges to the Partnership for Food Protection’s Training and Certification Workgroup. The NCS  corresponds with the Food Safety Modernization Act’s call for an overhaul to the national approach to food safety. The FDA’s Division of Human Resource Development, the Partnership for Food Protection, and IFPTI have led the creation of the NCS over the past year.

The Interactive National Curriculum Standard (INCS) is the online home of the National Curriculum Standard for all U.S. regulatory food and feed protection professionals. The INCS is comprised of both a national competency and curriculum framework which, together, define the performance expectations of the profession.

Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform consistent and comparable work for a particular position in the food protection profession. Competencies for the Entry-Level have been vetted by the profession, while development of competencies for other professional levels (Advanced, Leadership, and Technical Specialist) are currently in progress.

The INCS will ultimately feature self-assessment tools to allow food protection professionals to compare how their own agency and staff measure up against the National Curriculum Standard. The INCS will identify courses available in each content area to address any of the agency’s competency gaps.

The INCS will also help training developers know which competencies need to be addressed in their training materials aimed at food protection professionals.

Another feature of the INCS is the ability for any training entity to submit a course for inclusion on the site. Each submitted course will be reviewed to ensure it aligns with the content area’s competencies. For a fee, training entities will be able to have their course go through IFPTI’s official course review process and receive a certificate indicating alignment with content area competencies.

Direct any questions about the INCS to or call 269.441.2995.