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Our learning system features assessment tools allowing individuals, supervisors and mentors to assess themselves against relevant competencies contained within the Competency Framework. Assessments are conducted with key performance indicators (KPIs) developed for competencies specific to food protection professionals at all levels, in all regulatory program areas and spanning all jurisdictions.

A self-assessment tool is used by individuals to evaluate their performance and create a gap report for use in competency coaching. This enables supervisors to assess staff members against relevant competencies and to develop personal or group learning plans focused on continued development and improvement.

Supervisors and mentors undergo a similar process designed to hone in on and evaluate skills at a management or coaching level. At every tier in a given organization, assessments identify competency gaps in individuals or in groups, enabling agencies to target and scale learning experiences to address identified gaps for individual work units or an agency as a whole.

The ultimate goal of our competency assessment tools is to create career-spanning personal learning plans that closely align learning experiences (courses, field training, etc.) with job roles, resulting in improved performance and efficiencies across the board.